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‘It’s a lot of power we wield!’ A Conversation With Ben Fama & Kate Durbin October 1, 2013: We've been waiting for this for annuals, like begonias and bachelor's button, oh my; we just didn't know it. Your eyes burning too? It's because Kate Durbin and Ben Fama are in conversation at Lemonhound, are we right? Oprah? Thank goodness. An excerpt: BF: There was an occasion a few years ago when you were solicited by Oprah’s O [...] by

Kate Durbin Discusses “Girls Online” Tumblr Project January 17, 2013: Alicia Eler has posted part one of a two-part interview with poet and artist Kate Durbin in the online magazine Hyperallergic. Their conversation focuses on Durbin’s Tumblr project “Girls, Online,” a collection of anonymous posts from teenage girls featured on the Bright Stupid Confetti website. We appreciate Durbin's astute [...] by

KATE DURBIN’S FAVORITE WORD IS ‘CHIFFON,’ NATCH! October 11, 2012: The Dictionary Project interviews Kate Durbin! There are full-color illustrations in response to words and definitions chosen explicitly for her! Her current favorite word is "chiffon"! More: 3. What, in your opinion, is the most obnoxious/insidious/annoying word? Hipster. I feel that term has become an acceptable way to dismiss [...] by

Kahnstallations July 19, 2012: Who: Mandy Kahn and other LA poets, Ali Heinwein What: Kahnstallations: Mandy Kahn's Poetry Installations and Musical Collaborations When: 31 May 2012, 8 PM Where: The Last Bookstore and The Standard Downtown, Los Angeles *** [caption id="attachment_50142" align="alignright" width="500" caption="Mandy Kahn at The Last Bookstore © [...] by

In Conversation: Kate Durbin & Kate Zambreno Trust Their Art July 11, 2012: Over at the newish HER KIND, (recently talked about here) our favorite Kates (sorry, whoever we are forgetting for purposes of writing about this) "channel the howl." Kate Durbin and Kate Zambreno talk about the MFA v. PhD for job-seeking (how about organic salmon farming? no?); Durbin's writing about The Hills (not to be confused with Hills, [...] by