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Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney in The Editor’s Corner at VIDA March 20, 2013: Over at VIDA, Abigail Beckel and Kathleen Rooney of the hybrid-genre Rose Metal Press talk about their roles as editors and publishers. We're especially interested in presses that support as yet-undeffined genres, so we were especially curious to hear Beckel and Rooney discuss their editorial philosophy. Our main philosophy/mission is to [...] by

New to the Archive January 8, 2013: Let's crack into the stacks to see what's been added to the online archive since we last checked in. Joining the archive (yes, that's a ligature pun) are a heap of poems by Forrest Gander. We like this one ("Bridge & Swimmer") in particular. We're slowly adding heft to our Robert Duncan offerings with "This Place Rumord to Have Been [...] by

‘I’m glad you asked about smells’: An Interview with Kathleen Rooney December 6, 2012: Head over to The Nervous Breakdown for this interview with Kathleen Rooney author of, most recently, Robinson Alone, which takes Weldon Kees's "Robinson" poems as a starting point. A sample: Why are you planning on doing most of your readings for this book in costume/drag? Kees was a meticulous dresser, and so is Robinson—both [...] by

Kathleen Rooney Reviews Heather Christle’s New Collection July 27, 2012: Over at Coldfron, Kathleen Rooney is a bit weary in this review of Heather Christle's What is Amazing. Although she draws attention to the poems' "Zen-like quality," Rooney walks away from the collection less enlightened and more "meh." Rooney does have some praise for What is Amazing, but she's quick to deflate this praise when she writes, [...] by

“An Antidote to Loneliness” April 18, 2011: Anisa Onofre, co-editor of Aztlan Libre Press, has pointed me to this 1999 article on Norma Alarcón, upon the 20th anniversary of Third Woman Press. I am especially struck by this paragraph: Third Woman Press began originally as an antidote to loneliness, when Alarcón -- a specialist in feminist critical theory, cultural criticism, and [...] by

I’m a Townie: Our Books as Places April 14, 2011: “Though you've never seen it before, it must be a town you've lived in all your life.” — Richard Hugo, The Triggering Town In an earlier post, Kathleen Rooney asks for a better metaphor for what our books become to us after they are written. I like that she emphatically denies that they are anything like, “our kids.” I admit, I’ve [...] by

We’d Rather Have the Iceberg than the Ship April 10, 2011: Rachel Zucker’s timely post on the timeless immediately brought a certain poem to mind. Then when I saw Kathleen Rooney’s post about the Titanic (sinking like an Oreo in milk!), I thought she had beat me to the punch. The Titanic looms large (as it were) in our household, on account of our having a six-year old boy who can’t get enough of [...] by