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Created for the Listening: kathryn l. pringle’s fault tree August 16, 2013: A review of kathryn l. pringle's "dizzying, suffocating, brilliant fault tree" (Omnidawn 2012) is over at The Volta. Christopher Schaeffer writes of reading Pringle's new collection that it was for him reminiscent of a bed-ridden, visceral experience he had with a couple of Philip K. Dick novels--"one which I didn’t really expect to [...] by

Dark Places (Part One) April 26, 2013: More than a month or two ago, poet, librarian and mountain climber James Wagner asked writers (poets, fiction writers, nonfiction writers) to answer the question “Why do you write?” for his tumblr, Mobile. I was one of them, but I’ve avoided answering the question for, well, one or two months now. I hate answering questions like that. [...] by

Why Do You Write? March 20, 2013: [caption id="attachment_63031" align="alignright" width="500"] Kathryn L. Pringle[/caption] James Wagner at Mobile has invited several writers to respond to the very basic question, "Why do you write?" The responses range from short to slightly elaborate. Derek White of 5cense and Calamari Press writes "to keep morality at bay" and Julian [...] by