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Contribute to Artist Residencies by Throwing Millay Some Match $$$ October 21, 2013: One of our favorite residency programs, The Millay Colony for the Arts (listed recently as one of the top-ten artist residencies by Blouin Art Info!) has launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to celebrate their Ruby Anniversary (40 years!) and help bring four artists--who might otherwise not be able to attend--to Millay. Only eight [...] by

Brooklyn + Poets + Moms! April 5, 2013: The doorbell rings. Amanda’s here, with Beckett (4) and Scarlett (3 months). We lug the kids and their attendant gear up three flights of stairs. As soon as we’re all settled inside, the apartment feels smaller and things get hectic. The boys—Beckett and my son, Caleb (2)—play with Legos, tussling a bit over who gets what colors. Mandy [...] by