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Some Good Points on Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing at HTMLGIANT February 7, 2013: Michael Jauchen reviews, in 25 points, Kenny Goldsmith’s Uncreative Writing for HTMLGiant. We love number 8 (image above): “8. Picasso’s Portrait of Gertrude Stein with excerpts from [...] by

Kenneth Goldsmith Named Poet Laureate of the Museum of Modern Art January 23, 2013: We’re thrilled to see Kenneth Goldsmith assuming the poet laureateship of the Museum of Modern Art, the first ever! We learned about this from the Columbia University Press blog, who tells us: [...] by

Don’t forget! Tonight is the White House Poetry showdown! May 11, 2011: Live streaming TONIGHT: poetry at the White House! Kenny Goldsmith, Elizabeth Alexander, Common, Billy Collins, Rita Dove, singers Aimee Mann and Jill Scott, and artist Alison Knowles will be holding [...] by

Public musings: balancing the role of the poet April 11, 2011: On my mind today: Ron Silliman’s blog, its demise, Kenneth Goldsmith’s post on Ron Silliman, a response I had to a public proposal for a new poetry venture from a fellow Canadian poet, and a [...] by

The Animated “Ursonate” November 15, 2010: On Harriet back in 2007, Kenneth Goldsmith called Kurt Schwitters’ “Ursonate” “the greatest sound poem of the 20th century” and posted nine audio versions by sound [...] by

Shadow Boxers April 12, 2010: When I read Daisy Fried’s nerdy poet category, I thought of poets who are garrulous, who write conversational poems that careen off in one direction, then veer to investigate a side conversation, [...] by

On not being boring January 23, 2010: I’m not sure what is worse, being boring or being bored. Being boring is perhaps more egregious. Being bored I can cut the borer some slack by reminding myself of my relative impatience around [...] by

Journal, Day Five January 26, 2007: A Gallery of Conceptual Writing So, “What would a non-expressive poetry look like? A poetry of intellect rather than emotion?” 1c For my final post this week, I’d like to present 11 works by [...] by

Journal, Day Four January 25, 2007: Boredom I am the most boring writer that has ever lived. If there were an Olympic sport for extreme boredom, I would get a gold medal. My books are impossible to read straight through. In fact, every [...] by