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Prefatory Remarks for Tarnac, A Preparatory Act Composed by Jean-Marie Gleize, for Warscapes March 31, 2014: At Warscapes, Jean-Marie Gleize on his new book of poetry in English, published in January by Kenning Editions: Tarnac, a preparatory act is the most recent volume in my cycle of works published in France by Editions du Seuil’s series Fiction et Cie, created in 1974 by the poet Denis Roche. The six books of the cycle (a seventh titled Le [...] by

Johannes Göransson on the Ambient Maternal Narratives of Gro Dahle & Dolores Dorantes March 24, 2014: Johannes Göransson writes about Gro Dahle and Dolores Dorantes for Montevidayo. (We recently pointed to a review by Seth Abramson at HuffPo of Dahle's book, A Hundred Thousand Hours [UDP 2013], translated from the Norwegian by Rebecca Wadlinger.) Whereas Ambramson takes the form perhaps more as a given, writing that "Norwegian poet Dahle [...] by

THE COMPLEAT Vice OF TRISHA LOW ++ Watch Her in Vivian November 25, 2013: Refuse (refuse?) to disavow; indulge your voyeurism: Blake Butler read Trisha Low's first book, The Compleat Purge (Kenning Editions 2013) and sent some questions her way for Vice. Trisha Low sent BB some answers in the form of someone honest (honest?) about her present state of things (yes: rope bondage workshop). There's even an excerpt from [...] by

Visual & Aural Fix on Laura Elrick’s Propogation September 10, 2013: Laura Elrick's recent book, Propagation (Kenning Editions 2012), gets a deserving review at HTMLGIANT. Nicholas Grider writes that the seemingly quiet poems are in fact "loud shouts and angry jokes, raucous and just as ready to hit you as to be read." He adds, "And this is a good thing during a manufactured crisis in poetry having to do with [...] by

Small Press Questions for Kenning Editions’s Patrick Durgin August 27, 2013: On rob mclennan's blog this week: a great interview with Kenning Editions' Patrick Durgin. Durgin, as you may know, is a poet, editor, professor, and Hannah Weiner expert, having brought us the indispensable Open House as well as The Early and Clairvoyant Journals of Hannah Weiner. mclennan and Durgin talk about Kenning's editorial process, [...] by

Clint Burnham on Laura Elrick’s Noninvasive Propagation May 30, 2013: How did we only now see this? A good one: Vancouver poet, novelist, and scholar Clint Burnham (we've been digging his book on the Kootenay School, The Only Poetry That Matters) has reviewed Laura Elrick's Propagation (Kenning Editions 2013) for Lemon Hound. "It seems to me that the messing that Laura Elrick does with words . . . is both a lot [...] by

Indie Publishing: Two Questions, Many More Answers November 6, 2009: Many thanks to Brent E. Beltrán and Consuelo Manríquez de Beltrán of Calaca Press, Patrick Durgin of Kenning Editions, and Willie Perdomo of Cypher Books for their responses to my indie publishing questions. I know my current series of posts (#1 | #2) on indie publishing isn't garnering heaps of Harriet comments, which is fine, because I do [...] by