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Interviewing Marjorie Perloff About Italian Futurism & the ‘Futurist Poetic’ September 27, 2013: The Kenyon Review blog's Andrew David King hosts an in-depth interview with Marjorie Perloff on Italian Futurism--Part 1 of "Futurism Revisited" covers the cultural break in Marinetti's Futurism and those aligned with Mussolini, "the relationship of Italian Futurism to Fascism in general," Marinetti's advocacy of war, Zola's work and aesthetic [...] by

An Epiphanic Interview With Mary Ruefle August 21, 2013: The Kenyon Review blog has published an interview with Mary Ruefle--conducted over mail! Interlocuter Andrew David King also wrote an introduction for the conversation a week or so ago, in which he gently emphasizes his admiration for Ruefle's work. Notably: "In Madness[, Rack, and Honey], she posits a problem that every great poem has, 'the [...] by