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Announcing the BTBA Poetry Finalists! April 10, 2013: John Felstiner said translation is like a window. It lets some fresh air in and allows some stale air to drift out. Here are six books of poetry from around the world that offer some of the freshest [...] by

Kevin Prufer on Sentimentality and Complexity February 13, 2012: Over at ABOUTAWORD, Kevin Prufer offers up his thoughts on sentimentality and complexity, which come from an essay he wrote for this print symposium. Here’s a taste from the complexity section. [...] by

“This is not a book about AIDS” June 22, 2010: Kevin Prufer compares D.A. Powell to Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Cincinnatti Review: Powell does not aim to be merely a confessional poet; rather, beyond the framework of this narrative is a larger [...] by