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Announcing the BTBA Poetry Finalists! April 10, 2013: John Felstiner said translation is like a window. It lets some fresh air in and allows some stale air to drift out. Here are six books of poetry from around the world that offer some of the freshest air possible into American poetry. The Best Translated Book Awards was started by Chad Post, editor of Open Letter and founder of the blog [...] by

Kevin Prufer on Sentimentality and Complexity February 13, 2012: Over at ABOUTAWORD, Kevin Prufer offers up his thoughts on sentimentality and complexity, which come from an essay he wrote for this print symposium. Here's a taste from the complexity section. Make the jump to read his thoughts on sentimentality, and more. Today, I was sitting in Waldo’s Coffee Shop down the road talking to one of my [...] by

“This is not a book about AIDS” June 22, 2010: Kevin Prufer compares D.A. Powell to Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Cincinnatti Review: Powell does not aim to be merely a confessional poet; rather, beyond the framework of this narrative is a larger identification at work—not one between lover and betrayer but between lover and a natural landscape that cannot help but become a sort of [...] by