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Avant-Garde Cooptation April 7, 2014: What follows is a brief account of avant-garde cooptation at work in conceptual writing and the related practice of “curating” digital archives of experimental art and literature. First what was the avant-garde? Not easily pinned down, it is usually taken for granted as a 20th century genealogy of passionate formal innovation and [...] by

Village Voice Votes Ugly Duckling Presse Best Small Press of 2013! October 18, 2013: The Village Voice's Best of New York 2013 just hit newstands throughout the boroughs and on the interwebs. This year's Arts and Entertainment section included categories honoring the Best Lit Blog (Paris Review Daily), Best Reading Series (Franklin Park), Best Theater Company (Nature Theater of Oklahoma), and Best Reopened DIY Space (Silent [...] by

Free Verse Was Doubly Forbidden: Kirill Medvedev Provokes on Behalf of ‘Pussy Riot’ October 1, 2013: Robert Baird of the New Yorker documents Kirill Medvedev's conflict with police at Pussy Riot's pre-trial hearing: One bright April day last year, the Russian poet Kirill Medvedev visited the Tagansky District Court, in Moscow. Inside the building, in a courtroom crowded with press, a pretrial hearing for the radical art-rock band Pussy [...] by

The New York Times Reviews Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good March 21, 2013: [caption id="attachment_63093" align="alignright" width="500"] Kirill Medvedev[/caption] Kirill Medvedev's new book (in English), It's No Good, has been reviewed in The New York Times! (We wrote a bit about it here and here.) Now it is the turn of one Dwight Garner, who contextualizes the work with our favorite Russian punk band of the moment, [...] by

Jeff Parker Describes the Power of Kirill Medvedev for LARB February 7, 2013: Jeff Parker has reviewed and contextualized Kirill Medvedev's It's No Good (Ugly Duckling Presse/n+1) for The Los Angeles Review of Books--we pointed you to excerpts from the book not too long ago. Medvedev's first book in English translation, this publication is also notable considering that the poet ceased to publish anything after 2003, [...] by

Read Excerpts from Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good December 28, 2012: So worth a read: Four poems at n+1 from It's No Good, a new book out from n+1 and Ugly Duckling Presse by contemporary Russian poet, translator, political activist and essayist Kirill Medvedev, edited by Keith Gessen, with various translators. An excerpt: just a little bit more about literature: I’ve always been really interested in [...] by