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Responses & [Non]Non-Comforts Re: the ConPo / Affect Debate July 31, 2013: For those of you desiring to keep up with the most recent incarnation of debate/discussion around Conceptual writing--started anew with Cal Bedient's piece on affect at the Boston Review, "Against Conceptualism,"--we've gathered up some good reading material. All the following (in no particular order) include direct responses, preceding [...] by

Kaegan Sparks on ‘Inter-Generic’ Curating March 8, 2013: In dialog with Kristen Gallagher at Jacket2, Kaegan Sparks talks about her curatorial relationship to interdisciplinary work and increasingly blurred genre boundaries. We're particularly interested in the way Sparks describes curation as a method of facilitating discourse: ...beyond focusing on formal variety among the cultural material I [...] by

Kristen Gallagher on Coding Poetry February 25, 2013: We continue to be excited by the emergence of smart digital poetries and sophisticated critical discourse to match. Case in point: over at Jacket2, Kristen Gallagher takes us on a walk through of some of  Alejandro Crawford's recent work, which she says, "is not only technically cutting edge, it's weird and funny and fun." Gallagher's [...] by

Holly Melgard Answers, ‘Why Not Childbirth?’ February 14, 2013: Some readings generate immediate reactivity (ow) and are then written about but it's, uh, to no avail? Others generate immediate reactivity (aah) and are then written about only to, yay, further the dialogue. Here's one at Jacket2 from beat reporter Kristen Gallagher and her askee of the week, poet Holly Melgard. Gallagher tells us that a [...] by

Jacket Archives: Bob Perelman Feature February 5, 2013: It's easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of content on Jacket2, but we visit the site daily and regularly return to the site's archives. Happily, the Jacket2 editors frequently highlight features or articles from the site's earlier days--like this feature on Bob Perelman's work edited by Kristen Gallagher which initially appeared in [...] by

On Kristen Gallagher’s We Are Here January 30, 2013: Kristen Gallagher's new book, We Are Here (Truck Books 2013), has been reviewed by Hannah Ensor for The Volta's Friday Feature. If you've read Gallagher's essay from the Crayon issue entitled "On Beauty," you might have a head start on this project, in which Gallagher "decided to do something semi-procedural: I would go to 'beautiful' places [...] by

Kristen Gallagher Revisits Tan Lin’s 7CV May 31, 2011: Jacket2 today features a sustained review by Kristen Gallagher of Tan Lin's Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking (or 7CV, or SCV) (Wesleyan University Press 2010). It's a welcome exploration, even though the book has had plenty of attention (we'd highly recommend this interview with Lin at BOMB), considering [...] by

Poetry in 1960 Live from the Future! December 6, 2010: Kelly Writers House at University of Pennsylvania will be streaming their symposium "Poetry in 1960" live at 6pm EST tonight, Monday, December 6th. Hosted by Writers House faculty director Al Filreis, the symposium invites eleven poets to each contribute a critical essay on a poem or collection to mark its 50th anniversary. This will most likely [...] by

Poetics of Distribution, Metadata as Poesis: Tan Lin’s 7CV @ EDIT: Processing Network Publishing April 17, 2010: This coming Wednesday, April 21 on the UPenn campus, Danny Snelson has organized an evening to celebrate Tan Lin's recent book publication, Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking [or 7CV] through the event series he curates, EDIT: Processing Network Publishing. Instead of a typical book launch, the event [...] by

Art Strike Anyone? March 21, 2010: The following is from an essay forthcoming in WIG, an off-line poetics journal devoted to writing and labor practices edited by Kristen Gallagher and Tim Shaner. Given Sina's fruitful posts about poetry and work, I thought I should post it to Harriet with the permission of WIG, which I urge everyone to support. For more information about WIG [...] by