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Publishing Zen December 20, 2013: Relax! Don't panic! David L. Ulin at the Los Angeles Times says that the publishing industry crisis is nearly over! Toward the end of September, I found myself in a meeting room at Brooklyn Borough Hall in New York with planners from a variety of book fairs (Miami, Trinidad, Texas, Australia) discussing audience and cooperation and [...] by

Op-Ed Poetry Winners Announced August 27, 2013: The call went out and now the winners are in! According to The Los Angeles Times: When we put out a call for Op-Ed poetry, we had no idea how many budding poets were out there. But by the time the Aug. 16 deadline rolled around, we'd gotten more than 1,500 submissions, many of them including multiple poems. There was even one, by E. [...] by

Opinionated Haiku and Limerick Poets: the LA Times Is Present July 29, 2013: The LA Times doesn't usually accept poetry that's been sent to the "Opinion" section of the paper. However, from now until August 16th the editors will consider poetry submissions. On August 25th, they'll print a few of their favorites. There are a few guidelines: If you've ever tried to submit a poem to Opinion, you've probably gotten a [...] by

LA Times Reviews Maged Zaher’s Thank You for the Window Office January 29, 2013: Have you heard the buzz about Maged Zaher's new book, Thank You for the Window Office (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2012)? The LA Times has! In a review by book critic David Ulin, Zaher's UDP book is called "out-to-lunch"--referencing, of course, Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems--a connection which Zaher, writes Ulin, "makes explicit, albeit with a twist: [...] by