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Occupy Oakland: Poesis and Political Practice April 21, 2014: The System Has Got to Die The landscape of global capitalism has been substantially altered in the past six years. A mixed policy of austerity (cuts and state retrenchment) and fiscal stimulus (central bank bond purchasing programs from Japan’s State Bank to the US Federal Reserve) has made for a post-crisis recovery in asset prices, [...] by

At Lana Turner Andrés Ajens in Conversation with Kent Johnson November 22, 2013: A few weeks ago we directed our dear readers over to the new issue of Lana Turner which featured a great essay by Claudia Rankine. Remember that? Expanding on their online offerings, the good editors at Lana Turner have posted this wonderfully long and in-depth conversation between Kent Johnson and Chilean/Latin American/Andean? poet Andrés [...] by

Perhaps Punishment Was Only About Context: New Issue of Lana Turner November 8, 2013: That subject line uses Claudia Rankine writing on Serena Williams at the 2009 US Open ("Be Angry") for issue #6 of Lana Turner, which's got in accompaniment poems by Chris Nealon ("Could I just insert here that the question concerning technology doesn’t seem / to me to be the question?"), Lauren Levin, Lyn Hejinian, Alli Warren, Jessica [...] by

‘There is room for an ethos of carefulness in our era’: Roberto Tejada Looks at the Poetic Avant-Garde in Current State of Crisis August 29, 2013: A new piece "worth time" (aye) is up at the Lana Turner blog: "Avant-Garde in Crisis," by Roberto Tejada, uses some unique rhetoric to describe a poetic avant-garde currently lacking in (the structure for?) defiance. A general idea of the piece: If the crisis of the avant-garde is commensurate with the global downturn, with the perverse [...] by