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THE COMPLEAT Vice OF TRISHA LOW ++ Watch Her in Vivian November 25, 2013: Refuse (refuse?) to disavow; indulge your voyeurism: Blake Butler read Trisha Low's first book, The Compleat Purge (Kenning Editions 2013) and sent some questions her way for Vice. Trisha Low sent BB some answers in the form of someone honest (honest?) about her present state of things (yes: rope bondage workshop). There's even an excerpt from [...] by

Lanny Jordan Jackson & Peter Larkin Are Recording #1 for UnAmerican Activities June 4, 2013: Take off your harness winkers and get thee to Archive of the Now, where the first recording from the new U.S./UK simultaneous reading series, UnAmerican Activities, has just flown forth. Reading One, which took place on May 12 in New York and May 12 in Cambridge (Cubism rise!), featured Lanny Jordan Jackson on our side (at Lee Ann Brown's Page [...] by