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Yes! Stephen Burt Reviews Troubling the Line for LA Review of Books November 18, 2013: Hurray! Stephen Burt reviews the TC Tolbert and Tim Trace Peterson edited breakthrough anthology Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics for the Los Angeles Review of Books! BEFORE WE CAN THINK about transgender bodies, transgender writers, and our (perhaps) transgender poems, we will have to think about bodies and [...] by

Los Angeles Review of Books Presents Roundtable on Person and Persona in Poetry October 22, 2013: Los Angeles Review of Books presents a "Poets Roundtable on Person and Persona" featuring contributions from Alex Dimitrov, Lynn Melnick, and Metta Sáma. Here's a little slice of the RT: INTRODUCTION Lynn Melnick I'M A LITTLE CONFUSED. Not long ago, coming off a string of out-of-town readings where I found myself in the company of [...] by

LA Review of Books: Johanna Drucker on No Medium July 11, 2013: Johanna Drucker contributed this stellar analysis of Craig Dworkin's new book, No Medium, to the Los Angeles Review of Books this week. The review is a comprehensive and well-satisfyingly-thorough look at Dworkin's recent scholarship, and reading her thoughts about No Medium made us want to procure a copy for ourselves. We'll excerpt a [...] by

Poets At The Movies June 21, 2013: Yes, yes: poets do make appearances in, on, and at the movies. Just like that, according to "But What About The Soul: Poets At The Movies (Part 1)" written by Rebecca Morgan Frank [LARB], we encounter poetry on screen. And yet, like many of us feel, "when poems and movies talk about one another," she writes, "I feel uncomfortable." An [...] by