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Leland Hickman’s Poetry Study List to Harry E. Northup December 21, 2012: Here's a hot tip courtesy of Ron Silliman—a poetry study list drawn up by Leland Hickman and passed off to Harry E. Northup. As Northup explains: "Shortly before Dec. 18, 1971, Lee Hickman told me the following lists of books & poems & prose writings to read to learn to be a good poet. He did this without notes..." The study list is [...] by

On Wisconsin!—Poetry? YouBetJah! April 29, 2011: In his April 3rd Harriet entry on the anti-union, anti-human mishigas in Madison and beyond, Mark Nowak asks: ‘But this is a poetry blog… What does this have to do with poetry?’ It has EVERYTHING to do with poetry, education and the intellectual life of our nation—and all the arts! While corporations are given welfare, artists, poets and [...] by