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Elisa Gabbert on Farrah Field’s Wolf and Pilot August 7, 2013: At Lemon Hound, Elisa Gabbert points the spotlight at Farrah Field's newest collection of poems, Wolf and Pilot, published by Four Way Books. Wolf and Pilot is a collection of poems that tells the story of four sisters who might be runaways, their witchy mother, and the detective whose task it is to find them. Gabbert writes: In the [...] by

How Creative Can We Really Be? July 26, 2013: Lemon Hound recently posted an article by Kathryn Mockler that examines if anyone can truly think and write creatively in a society with spoken and unspoken rules indicating the proper times and places for artistic expression: There is a disconnection between our perception of our rights and freedoms and what we are actually [...] by

Lemon Hound Announces First Poetry Contest, Judge None Other Than Rae Armantrout July 1, 2013: Well if the headline didn't get you, the body copy might. We've long been fans of Lemon Hound, so this is great news. Should provide for some interesting results, too: LEMON HOUND wants to create better opportunities for critical writing, and one sure way to support critical writing is paying for it. In an effort to do so, Lemon Hound [...] by

Clint Burnham on Laura Elrick’s Noninvasive Propagation May 30, 2013: How did we only now see this? A good one: Vancouver poet, novelist, and scholar Clint Burnham (we've been digging his book on the Kootenay School, The Only Poetry That Matters) has reviewed Laura Elrick's Propagation (Kenning Editions 2013) for Lemon Hound. "It seems to me that the messing that Laura Elrick does with words . . . is both a lot [...] by

James Langer on Beauty March 29, 2013: Last month, we pointed you towards Sue Sinclair's series of interviews with poets at Lemon Hound about their relationship to beauty. There's a new interview this week with Newfoundland-based James Langer, whose first collection of poetry, Gun Dogs, was published by Anansi in 2009. Sinclair always asks the poets the same three [...] by

Sachiko Murakami on Beauty at Lemon Hound February 14, 2013: Since September, Sue Sinclair has been interviewing poets for Lemon Hound about their relationship to beauty.  She's spoken to Sonnet L’Abbé, Robyn Sarah, and Steven Price. And just posted today is her interview with poet and artist Sachiko Murakami. For a little context, we recommend that you read Sinclair's introduction to the [...] by