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Divya Victor’s Things to Do With Your Mouth June 13, 2014: Eric Schmaltz writes about Divya Victor for Lemonhound! Victor’s newest book, Things to Do With Your Mouth, is recently out from Les Figues as part of TrenchArt: The Logistics Series. [...] by

‘It’s a lot of power we wield!’ A Conversation With Ben Fama & Kate Durbin October 1, 2013: We’ve been waiting for this for annuals, like begonias and bachelor’s button, oh my; we just didn’t know it. Your eyes burning too? It’s because Kate Durbin and Ben Fama are [...] by

We Are Mere Productions of Power: On Maged Zaher September 27, 2013: We’re not jumping out the window today, despite our troublesome inbox. Thanks much to Fazeela Jiwa, who wrote a great review of Maged Zaher’s Thank You for the Window Office (Ugly [...] by