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Impossible Music /5/ Making Music May 2, 2013: When I ran Monday hoot nights at The Coffee Gallery I remember several vivid sessions and appearances. • Young beardless Jerry Garcia up from Palo Alto. He brought his banjo and sat in with other bluegrass string players. I remember telling him not to sing. But who listens to me? • It was during the ‘60s folk revival and singers and [...] by

Some of the World’s Diamonds April 12, 2013: It was the perfect form of bibliomancy. There was a volume of encyclopedias strewn from La Mystique Braiding up to my apartment door on Fillmore. I grabbed the first one in reach and out fell a page that read “Some of the World’s Diamonds.” On it were radiant cuts, oval and pear, surrounded by round brilliants. On the back laid a slender [...] by

Dunagan’s 25 Points on Lew Welch October 25, 2012: Thanks, Patrick Dunagan, for shelling out 25 points on Lew Welch. You should read all 25, but to get you started here's 3-10. Enjoy! 3. When I read Lew Welch I often think about Robinson Jeffers (and vice versa) “I’m the ghost Roan Stallion” – Lew Welch 4. Both Leos, we’re born August 16th LEO MENAGERIE Sunnylyn [...] by

Videos of Last Month’s Ring of Bone Celebration August 29, 2012: The City Lights blog has posted a wealth of video footage from last month's celebration of Lew Welch's Ring of Bone, which we reported on here. From the blog: Last month Gary Snyder, Joanne Kyger, David Meltzer, Peter Coyote, Jerry Martien, Steve Sanfield, Tom Killion, and Huey Lewis celebrated the release of the new edition of Ring of [...] by

Exciting and Simple: Lew Welch, William Carlos Williams, and Gertrude Stein August 6, 2012: City Lights Books has just reissued Lew Welch's Collected Poems, Ring of Bone, with a cover photo of Lew taken in 1965 by his old friend the photographer "Steamboat" Jim Hatch. City Lights has been distributing Grey Fox Press books, published by Don Allen, since Don Allen's death in 2004 (Grey Fox was the original publisher of Ring of [...] by

Celebrating Lew Welch July 23, 2012: From the San Francisco HuffPo: On a recent evening, hundreds of people gathered at the San Francisco public library to honor Welch and to celebrate the publication of by the fabled City Lights bookshop and publishers of Ring of Bone, an updated selection of Welch's writing. His good friend, the equally fabled poet Gary Snyder, put the [...] by

Gary Snyder, Joanne Kyger, David Meltzer, Huey Lewis & Friends Celebrate Lew Welch July 17, 2012: The City Lights blog has done a writeup of the recent Celebration of Lew Welch's Ring the Bone, which took place last week and had Gary Snyder gathering friends: "He brought Joanne Kyger, David Meltzer, Peter Coyote, Jerry Martien, Steve Sanfield, Tom Killion, and Huey Lewis (!) to the San Francisco Public Library for what was a very inspired [...] by

Review of Lew Welch’s Ring of Bone July 10, 2012: We're excited to see that Lew Welch's Ring of Bone is coming back into print, thanks to City Lights. Jonah Raskin wrote this review over at the SF Gate. He begins: If he's still alive, Lew Welch will celebrate his 86th birthday Aug. 16. A Reed College graduate and one of the half dozen or so poets, including Allen Ginsberg, Gary [...] by