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Ernest M. Robson’s Phonetic-Linguistic Approach to Prosody to Produce Poems, Thanks to Lewis Freedman January 24, 2014: Lewis Freedman on what we have not forgotten, at Flying Object (or what we won't, now, thanks to him). These "Scans by Lew" are to be an ongoing, monthly feature "reintroducing experimental books of poetry that, despite their ambitious radicalities, don’t seem to be much in circulation, at least among the poets [he's] been hanging out with." [...] by

Hold the Blue Orb, Baby: We’re Feeling Affinity With Lewis Freedman September 13, 2013: We're delighted to read the Elective Affinities of the shimmering, trusty Lewis Freedman: "For the continuity and discontinuity in divided question of experience i’ve been writing thinking about writing as a technology." Thanks to Carlos Soto Roman, who continually provides these brief looks into the reading and thinking of so many great [...] by

Outside the Held Standard: Douglas Piccinnini’s Flag August 13, 2013: The other day we made mention of Well Greased Press in a post about CLMP extending their membership--looking closely now, closely at Douglas Piccinnini's Flag, in fact, we can make out some words in the chromaglyph. And it's fascinating stuff, rousing both poetry as disreputable art matter and specific conceptual projects like Hannah Weiner's [...] by