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Thurston Moore & Daniel Kane in Conversation December 18, 2015: At Locus Solus, every New York School fan’s favorite blog, a pointer to a recent interview with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and every New York School scholar’s favorite scholar, [...] by

Locus Solus Finds Nick Sturm’s Essay on Ted Berrigan’s Art Writings December 8, 2015: Don’t mind if we write up a write-up, do you? At Locus Solus, a look at Nick Sturm’s recent Fanzine essay on Ted Berrigan’s art writings: “For months, Sturm has been scouring [...] by

Video Evidence of James Schuyler’s Debut Reading Surfaces December 1, 2015: Holy cow! Locus Solus (and several additional media outlets) report that a video of James Schuyler’s first public reading at DIA Art Foundation in 1988 has made its debut on YouTube. For this [...] by

I Once Met Reviewed at Locus Solus August 21, 2015: Earlier in the week, if you recall, Joe Brainard was on our minds. There must be something in the air, as we find more Brainard to send your way today. At Locus Solus, Andrew Epstein reviews Kent [...] by

James Merrill: Secretly New York School? June 25, 2015: At Locus Solus Andrew Epstein reveals James Merrill’s rather unexpected connection to the New York School. Although Merrill “operated at some distance from the avant-garde of his [...] by

You’re Not Alone: Frank O’Hara Found Himself in Stephen Dedalus June 17, 2015: A day late and still short: Andrew Epstein wrote about Frank O’Hara’s love for James Joyce’s Ulysses at Locus Solus. Happy day-after-Bloomsday! Apparently, the poet carried the book [...] by

Ornette Coleman and the Shape of Jazz (and Poetry) to Come June 12, 2015: By now you have probably heard that the world lost a jazz giant yesterday: Ornette Coleman died at the age of 85. At Locus Solus, Andrew Epstein traces a few of Coleman’s intersections with the [...] by

Holland Cotter Reflects on Jane Freilicher’s Life and Legacy December 16, 2014: On Friday night, The Poetry Project celebrated Jane Freilicher’s life and spirit. At The New York Times, Holland Cotter meditates on her life and art career, and who her many folowers are [...] by

‘Ave Maria’: Frank O’Hara at the Movies December 11, 2014: According to Locus Solus, there’s a nice reference to the Frank O’Hara poem, “Ave Maria,” in A.O. Scott’s article about kissing at the movies. The article appears in [...] by

Love and Career September 8, 2014: It’s not everyday that you surf over to Locus Solus to find Andrew Epstein reporting on a new rug collaboratively designed by John Ashbery and Kenny Goldsmith. Epstein reminds us of the [...] by