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As Editor of Broom, Lola Ridge Objected to Stein: “A bladder blown up by many breaths” May 23, 2012: Yesterday we got deeper into Ernest Hemingway's salty annotation of the "Lady Poets," one of whom, "the nearest prototype in her time of the proletarian poet of class conflict," is Lola Ridge. Ridge has had more longevity than most of those women--Factory School republished her book The Ghetto in 2006. It was already pretty much [...] by

The Ladies Behind Hemingway’s “The Lady Poets with Foot Notes” May 22, 2012: Tongue Journal's got this bit of marginalia on their Tumblr--Ernest Hemingway's "The Lady Poets with Foot Notes," originally published in Der Querschnitt, 1924. "In satirical imitation of T.S. Eliot, Hemingway provided elaborate footnotes giving clues to identify 'the Lady Poets,'" writes the Special Collections department at the University of [...] by