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Joyelle McSweeney Reviews Lonely Christopher’s Newest Collection, Death and Disaster Series February 5, 2014: At Fanzine, Joyelle McSweeney reviews Lonely Christopher's new book of poems, Death & Disaster Series (Monk Books, 2014) (is it a possible partner to Kenny Goldsmith's newest, we wonder...but nay, more that all give due to Warhol). In fact, what interests McSweeney "is not just the appropriation of Warhol’s title but what is conjured by [...] by

Lonely Christopher & Gregory Laynor on the Gift Economy (Twice) November 16, 2012: We're just now seeing this great interview with Lonely Christopher at EOAGH! The poet, writer, playwright and filmmaker talks with Gregory Laynor about the gift economy, “the embarrassing language of self,” Gertrude Stein ("Well, Gertrude Stein never read Judith Butler, she invented her"), various art forms and how they relate to "being [...] by