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We’re Still Sad: Laurie Anderson’s Obituary for Lou Reed November 4, 2013: Laurie Anderson wrote this both sweet and melancholy obituary for Lou Reed in the East Hampton Star, the local newspaper for the small town on Long Island that was Anderson + Reed's spiritual home. To our neighbors: What a beautiful fall! Everything shimmering and golden and all that incredible soft light. Water surrounding us. Lou [...] by

‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’: Lou Reed and the New York School of Poetry October 29, 2013: Almost immediately after the world learned the dismaying news that Lou Reed had died on Sunday at 71, the obituaries and tributes started to pour in—sharp assessments of his career, recollections of the life-changing effect Reed and the Velvet Underground had on young, creative people, links to documentaries, interviews, and YouTube clips of [...] by

Lou Reed RIP October 28, 2013: Yesterday we were saddened to hear the news of Lou Reed's passing at his home in Amagansett, N.Y. He was 71. The New York Times posted this obituary describing Reed's various groundbreaking musical achievements with the Velvet Underground and throughout his solo career. Mr. Reed brought dark themes and a mercurial, sometimes aggressive [...] by

Hey Did You Know That Lou Reed Studied With Delmore Schwartz? September 19, 2013: Course you did, avid readers! Tablet Magazine writer, Lee Smith, reminisces about getting out of a fist fight with Lou Reed. Teachable moment: if ever on the verge of being punched by Lou Reed, say "Delmore." Several years ago at a birthday dinner for my friend the novelist A.M. Homes, I was seated next to the musician Laurie Anderson. I [...] by

A Look at the Poems of Louis Reed in an Old Issue of The Harvard Advocate November 15, 2012: Check this out, from the Harvard Advocate blog. Lou Reed poems! Published as Louis Reed. Here's the intro. Make the jump to see the facsimilies! Having swapped out his usual moniker “Lou” for “Louis,” Lou Reed might just have passed unrecognized in the Fall 1971 issue of The Harvard Advocate. Luckily, in his contributor’s [...] by