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She and Her Collaborators Demand Nothing: Samuel Solomon on Younger UK Poets for Lana Turner September 24, 2012: In his piece, "What Pools Love to Arson: Two Recent Pamphlets from Younger British Poets," for Lana Turner, Samuel Solomon takes the time to read Jonny Liron, Francesca Lisette, Joseph Luna, and Timothy Thornton (Poems, Written Between October and December 2010, Grasp Press 2011) and Marianne Morris, Luke Roberts, Sophie Robinson, and Josh [...] by

The False Flags of Luke Roberts March 14, 2012: UK poet Luke Roberts has just published his first widely available collection of work, entitled False Flags (Mountain Press 2011); and Rich Owens has reviewed the book at Damn the Caesars. A bit about the book from the publisher: False Flags was initially conceived as a satire or part-satire on conspiracy theories and New Age [...] by