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‘This is Gene Derwood speaking’ April 16, 2014: [caption id="attachment_85131" align="alignright" width="500"] Flyleaf of New Poems 1940 signed by editor and several contributors.[/caption] It’s still going at a reduced scale down on 24th Street at Folsom, but Adobe Books used to be a barn of a store on 16th Street in the Mission District of San Francisco, and to my mind the epicenter of a [...] by

Holland Cotter Holds on to Holding On Upside Down, a Biography of Marianne Moore February 14, 2014: Famed art critic, Holland Cotter, reviews the new Marianne Moore biography, Holding on Upside Down, by Linda Leavell, at New York Times. This book looks so good, can't wait to read it! Half a century or so ago, when literate Americans still read poetry or thought they should, everyone knew about Marianne Moore, the white-haired, [...] by

I Too Dislike It November 6, 2013: How dull and uninspired your morning would be without this phantasmagoria of a review by Parul Sehgal, of a new Marianne Moore biography called Holding On Upside Down. It sounds like a hit and we can't wait to read it. Biographies, wrote Auden, are “always superfluous and usually in bad taste.” I’m inclined to believe he’d make an [...] by

NPR Summer Reads: Adalbert Stifter’s Rock Crystal July 17, 2013: Oh *man* this book is so *good!* We're so happy to see it in the spotlight at *NPR!* Susan Choi, author of the recently published book My Education, brings Adalbert Stifter's classic novella, Rock Crystal to the table at NPR's You Must Read This. New York Review of Books Classics published this most recent edition of Rock Crystal and it is [...] by

On Ornamentation April 23, 2013: At any time, in any corner, in my house, you can find a menagerie my daughter has set up: a congregation of fairies, Playmobil people, stuffed animals, thingies. Her scooter is decorated with ribbons, strings, and jewelry, even my favorite studded belt. She produces clutter in quantities, and every time it encroaches upon the tenuous organization [...] by

Fugitives, works in progress, young Duncan, and Marianne Moore May 31, 2012: Our popular annual translation and Q&A issues are part of a long tradition of special issues that have focused on such subjects as the Objectivists (edited by Louis Zukovsky), Chinese poetry, and post-war Italian poetry. This month we’d like to draw attention to two issues in particular: the May 1932 and April-May 1965. Poetry's May 1932 [...] by

The Ford Fabergé, by Marianne Moore February 10, 2012: Wow. Thanks to Lists of Note, we've got Marianne Moore's delightful list of names for Ford Motors' 1955 series of cars. Mr. Robert Young from the company wrote to Moore and asked for her help: We should like this name to be more than a label. Specifically, we should like it to have a compelling quality in itself and by itself. To convey, [...] by

Don’t Wax the Poem April 1, 2010: Maybe all poets are nerds or they wouldn’t be poets. But not all poets write nerdy. Some are suave, which can be a good thing. Some are elegant in an elegant way. Nerds can be elegant in a backwards way, by retaining their bumps and inelegances, bumptious idiosyncrasies, a being-in-life at least as much as in-literature. There’s plenty to [...] by