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Stephen Burt Responds to Mark Edmundson’s Harper’s Article July 1, 2013: Check out Stephen Burt's response to the Mark Edmundson war on words from a week or so ago. At the Boston Review, Burt thanks Edmundson for providing an attack that provokes a response. And, wow: "I can say till I’m blue that Joseph Massey’s short poems are the best thing to happen to the sense of vision since the invention of [...] by

In Defense of— June 28, 2013: I have an extremely stubborn resistance to entering debates about poetry that occur in mainstream publications. So while blogging this month for Harriet, I’ve stuck to my own interests and obsessions, pushing, too, toward some new thinking (as in things I’d not thought before) on poetics. That was exciting. While I was doing this, I was [...] by

The Backlash Is in for Mark Edmundson’s Harper’s Article on the Decline of Am. Verse June 21, 2013: At his site Days of Notes, Daniel Nester has responded to the hot potato Harper's article that portends the end of poetry. And the Washington Post has also covered Mark Edmundson's piece. Some choice excerpts below. From Nester: 1. Another Fucking Essay of Complaint, all directed toward the writerly impulse: the autobiographical [...] by