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On Ornamentation April 23, 2013: At any time, in any corner, in my house, you can find a menagerie my daughter has set up: a congregation of fairies, Playmobil people, stuffed animals, thingies. Her scooter is decorated with ribbons, strings, and jewelry, even my favorite studded belt. She produces clutter in quantities, and every time it encroaches upon the tenuous organization [...] by

Reviews of 6×6, Issue #26, Are in for a Party October 17, 2012: A journal review is a rare and gemlike occurrence. Did you know an occurrence could be gemlike? So it's keepers for 6x6 #26 over at NewPages and rob mclennan's blog (they both wrote about this issue!). First off, Lesley Dame writes in general: When you pick up the most recent issue of 6X6, titled “Enough About Pigs,” you know [...] by