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Daniel Handler Looks into Matthea Harvey’s Tabloids August 18, 2014: Daniel Handler shares his excitement for Matthea Harvey’s writing, old and new, at the LA Times, beginning with Harvey’s first collection Pity the Bathtub Its Forced Embrace of the Human [...] by

Reading List: February 2014 February 11, 2014: The Reading List is a feature of Poetry magazine’s Editors’ Blog. This month contributors to the February issue share a book—or several—that held their interest recently. Mark Ford I’d like [...] by

Poets Gather to Remember Seamus Heaney November 13, 2013: The New York Times reports on the ongoing remembrances and events celebrating Seamus Heaney, who died in August at the age of 74. When Seamus Heaney died in August, at 74, he was hailed as a poet of [...] by

Academy of American Poets NYC Summer Poetry Series July 17, 2013: If you’re in NYC this sweltering summer and can bear to temporarily venture outside of air conditioning, the Academy of American Poets will make it worth your while. The Academy is continuing its [...] by

The Prose Poem as Mysterious Man with an Accent April 26, 2013: Like many immigrants, the prose poem arrived in the U.S. too late in its development to ever pass as wholesomely American. Something in its tone, in the weight of its silences, will always give it [...] by

Seven Questions for Matthea Harvey December 12, 2012: Over at A Public Space is a short interview with poet and children’s book author Matthea Harvey! Apparently, Harvey secretly takes pictures of identical twins in airports! But there’s [...] by

Boston Review Announces 2012 Poetry Contest Winner October 4, 2012: Hooray for Sarah Crossland, winner of The Boston Review’s 2012 poetry contest! Crossland’s poems, chosen by judge Matthea Harvey, will be featured in the Review’s November/December [...] by

Matthea Harvey on Telettrofono July 30, 2012: We reported on Matthea Harvey’s audio walking tour of Staten Island recently. Now, Artlog offers this feature, including interviews with Harvey and her collaborator Justin Bennet. A sample: [...] by

NPR’s Morning Edition and LARB Celebrate the Olympics with Poetry July 27, 2012: Happily, the Poetry Parnassus seems to have inspired a wellspring of poetic events. First, NPR’s Morning Edition is hosting a poetry competition every morning next week, somewhat in the style [...] by

Check out Poet Matthea Harvey’s Walking Tour of Staten Island July 12, 2012: “Humans, let me tell you something. Mermaids, sirens, shipwreckers, whatever you call us on a particular day; we don’t abandon the sea for love or legs. We fling ourselves onto the shore for [...] by