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A Great Capacity for Openness: Melissa Buzzeo on Healing & Poetics October 1, 2013: If interested in the confluence of poetics and healing, look no further than Melissa Buzzeo's essay up at the Les Figues blog. "The Poetics of Healing: Vital Forms" is an excerpt from a talk given by Buzzeo at Vital Forms: Healing and the Arts of Crisis, a symposium in San Francisco curated by Eleni Stecopolous in April. This excerpt is [...] by

Experience Unlimited at the East Bay Poetry Summit June 17, 2013: I told lots of people that I was going to write about the East Bay Poetry Summit for Harriet’s "Open Door" series. And each time, I followed it up with a confession: “It was so wonderful, I have no idea how to write about it. Everyone will just think I drank the Kool-Aid!” I hoped that with enough time, I’d get some critical distance [...] by

The Summit Is Coming! The Summit Is Coming! May 21, 2013: The East Bay Poetry Summit is almost here! The East Bay Poetry Summit begins this weekend in Berkeley! (Thanks, in part, to generous donations to its successful Indiegogo campaign.) The summit will draw poets from across the U.S. to Oakland and Berkeley, to give poetry readings at several of the East Bay's thriving house reading serieses. [...] by