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It’s All Good: Jacket Copy Put Your Name on the List February 24, 2014: In her book review at the Los Angeles Times, Carolyn Kellogg considers a new book published by renegade literary outlet, N+1, ruminating on the difference between living in New York and attending an MFA Creative Writing program. Well, we might see you there—fashionably late, of course. From Jacket Copy-- You're invited to a party. It's [...] by

The Defense of the Poesy Workshoppe April 15, 2013: This week I’ve been thinking about Alan Davies’s wonderful and provocative recent post in which he discusses Sarah Schulman’s new book The Gentrification of the Mind. I’ve been thinking in particular about how her argument about gentrification and writing workshops (from what I understand of it via Davies) resonates with me, and also [...] by

Two Perspectives on the Whole AWP-MFA-Glut Thing March 1, 2013: Remember the other day when we posted on Seth Oelbaum's explosive piece at HTMLGiant? It's caused something of a perturbance in the blogsphere and spurred poets to do what they do best this time of year: get dirty on AWP. Hey, we're guilty too! To keep the fires well-stoked, make your way over to The Volta where one blogger responds to [...] by

Critical Pedagogy & the Creative Writing Workshop January 7, 2013: For those dear readers interested in the intersection between creative writing and critical pedagogy, do we have the conference for you! Mark Nowak, no stranger to the liberating potential of the creative writing workshop, is organizing a first of its kind conference to address the creative writing workshop in terms of the study of [...] by

Have MFA programs done away with standards? May 4, 2011: At Poets.org, Joan Houlihan shares some of her results from aninformal survey of students in four different MFA programs. While there's an "upsurge of MFA poetry programs, and therefore of poets," poets' abilities to grab and maintain readers are declining, leaving a gulf between the amount of work produced and the audience for it. As Houlihan [...] by

MythBusters: MFA Edition January 5, 2011: While many spent December 26th sleeping off Christmas cookie hangovers, Seth Abramson was continuing his Creative Writing MFA myth-busting over at The Huffington Post. Each of Abramsons' six points debunk ideas that the MFA environment is overpopulated, immature, and diluted by a focus on money, a contradiction that becomes immediately apparent [...] by

MFA vs. NYC vs. Everybody calm down November 30, 2010: Slate has excerpted Chad Harbach's n+1 essay on MFA programs and NYC literary culture to no small amount of hoopla. Like a good fight promoter, Harbach knows what will get his audience riled up (as evidenced in the comments.) The title comes out swinging, pitting the MFA crowd against NYC but instead of a fight to the death, Harbach is more [...] by