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My Education: The NY/SF Poetry Scene in the Aughts April 1, 2014: I miss New York and the poets there and I’ve dreamed (had actual dreams) about stroking through the double doors of the St. Mark’s Poetry Project to silent-movie applause—applause and davening, for Chrissake, as I dash up the aisle to the podium, bobbing in a Salton Sea of undivided attention, and the flaring tips of my Italian sports [...] by

‘welcome to the encrypted order’: Sunnylyn Thibodeaux and Micah Ballard in Conversation January 22, 2014: [caption id="attachment_80230" align="alignright" width="500"] Lorca, Micah and Sunnylyn, photo by Matt Gonzalez[/caption] We're grateful to Guillermo Parra and the Best American Poetry blog for highlighting the great work (poetry and publishing) of Sunnylyn Thibodeaux and Micah Ballard with their Auguste Press and Lew Gallery Editions. Their [...] by

BBC Radio 4 on the Poetry of San Francisco August 22, 2013: Run, do not walk! over to the BBC to listen to the fantastic episode "Poetry of Gold and Angels" from Radio 4. There are only 3 days left to give it a listen (hence our imperative to run). A little about the episode: San Francisco is a place where a thousand stories meet - a port city where many cultures and races mix, the birthplace of [...] by

Why Write Sestinas? April 16, 2013: Oh yes, why write sestinas? I like the difficulty of the form: six stanzas with six end-words that have to repeat in a particular rotating pattern (twice in the three-line envoi at the end) like playing ping-pong with six balls and six other players. Sestinas are tricky.  The repetition of the end-words gives you a chance to mull over [...] by

Deterritorializations: Nominal Problems April 12, 2013: [caption id="attachment_64951" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Ungraffiti in the Los Angeles River channel from the Broadway Street Bridge[/caption] Sometimes I think of everything animate (and, frankly, most things inanimate) as systems of motion. If we are healthy, there are close to a thousand species of bacteria and fungi on our skin, [...] by

Loose Diary: Cedar Sigo on Collaborative Writing August 23, 2012: Earlier this week City Lights blog published the latest dispatch from Cedar Sigo, this time focusing on his collaborative work with fellow City Lights author Micah Ballard. A taste: Collaboration is also editing. It’s easy to just fire away contributing lines to a poem, but cutting the final shape together requires a more delicate [...] by

A Brolaski Extravaganza!!! July 24, 2012: The City Lights blog is lighting it up with TONS of great writing and recordings by and about Julian Talamantez Brolaski. The occasion, of course, is the publication of his Advice for Lovers earlier this year. All of this is brought to us by way of Garrett Caples (recently published here, btw, and recorded here). Caples sets the scene [...] by