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Michael Robbins’s Drone Poem for President Obama January 21, 2013: As poets craft their own poems at this inaugural moment, we'd like to steer you over to Michael Robbins's Tumblr. Apparently, his poem was so on target that it missed the mark for some unnamed news organization. Here's what Robbins says: So a certain news organization has informed me they cannot publish the inaugural poem for Obama they [...] by

‘A Major Poet in a Minor Range,’ Michael Robbins Reviews Louise Glück’s Poems 1962-2012 December 11, 2012: Over at the Los Angeles Review of Books, Michael Robbins reviews Louise Glück's Poems 1962-2012, observing that "Glück is as important and influential a poet as we have in America, a tagline whose strangeness deepens the more one reads her." And indeed Robbins draws out the strangeness in Glück's lifework, the good and the bad. Now [...] by

Michael Robbins Reviews John Ashbery’s New Book, Quick Question December 10, 2012: Michael Robbins has reviewed John Ashbery's new book, Quick Question, for the Chicago Tribune. It's "a lot like the last new book," Robbins writes. Well: Lots of poets write the same book over and over, of course, especially as they age. Why complain about Ashbery's sameness when it's so unlikely? In all my years as a [...] by

Goodreads Awards Announced December 6, 2012: Mary Oliver took the poetry crown, with Michael Robbins and Rebecca Lindenberg taking second and third. See the vote breakdown here. by

Apparently the Best Poet We Have Is Frederick Seidel September 5, 2012: The Chicago Tribune, in its "Life Lessons" section, has published a feature on the poet Frederick Seidel, entitled "Frederick Seidel's Sordid Glory." Huh. Michael Robbins leads with shocking news: The clearest sign that American poetry is in disarray is that the best poet we have is Frederick Seidel. I say this approvingly, for one [...] by

Michael Robbins on Failure and Fame July 10, 2012: Following the buzz about Alien vs. Predator, Michael Robbins corresponded with Ameni Rozsa for the Los Angeles Review of Books. After dodging a request to provide a simple explanation of his work, Robbins discusses seeing his poetry in The New Yorker and how he thinks he made it there in the first place. But he also remembers being young, in [...] by

NYT on Michael Robbins May 24, 2012: Dwight Garner feels the RAPTURE of the Predator at the New York Times. We're, of course, talking about Michael Robbins's Alien vs. Predator. A taste: “My heart is lovely, dark and deep,” Michael Robbins writes in a poem called “Plastic Robbins Band” in “Alien vs. Predator,” his first collection. He’s lying, shamelessly. [...] by

Interview with Anthony Madrid February 16, 2012: Michael Robbins, as guest blogger for the week, is interviewing his ass off over at the Best American Poetry blog. Yesterday he interviewed Anthony Madrid. Here's a sample: MR: Talk about this Mardud persona—he seems almost novelistic, a little man in a cave drinking cheap Rioja. His voice is remarkably consistent across the poems. He [...] by

Trigger Cuts January 5, 2010: The on-going review-interviews taking place over at Lemon Hound have my attention at the moment (I’m one of the interviewees, an admission that I suppose qualifies as full disclosure here if you believe such a thing exists in the demi-world of warm soft fact), and I’m particularly interested in the question of what one might be looking for in [...] by