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The 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair Recap May 29, 2013: On Friday, April 5th I found myself in the wrong rust belt city, surrounded by the wrong group of rust belt poets. I was in Cleveland when I was supposed to be getting ready to write an "Open Door" feature on the 2013 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. Like John Carter of Mars, I found myself transported to the wrong place and wrong time for the civic [...] by

mIEKAL aND Discusses a New Visual Poetry Anthology July 6, 2012: [caption id="attachment_49445" align="alignright" width="500" caption="mi'kmaq book of the dead by mIEKAL aND"][/caption] Today, HuffPo posted an interview with one of today’s visual poetry greats, miEKAL aND. aND recently finished editing a collection of work by the Spidertangle group, an international email list for visual poets to [...] by

Put your spine into it for National Poetry Month March 22, 2011: On the blog of the Association for Library Services to Children, Travis Jonker has put out an unusual call for submissions for National Poetry Month: book spine poetry. Last year, inspired by artist Nina Katchadourian, I tried my hand at book spine poetry and came away convinced that this was just the sort of thing that kids would take to. I [...] by