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AUTO-HAGIOGRAPHIC TRAVELOGUE WITH DORITOS: On Feliz Lucia Molina’s UNDERCASTLE April 1, 2014: In which I talk about reading UNDERCASTLE & Feliz Lucia Molina talks about making UNDERCASTLE   Divya: Reading UNDERCASTLE This is a travelogue in a parking lot written in the first person point of view. I am reading Feliz Lucia Molina’s book. I am reading poetry between bouts of Doritos couched like a total douche in [...] by

Mike Young + Jack Christian @ BOMBLOG July 17, 2013: At BOMBLOG, Mike Young interviews Jack Christian, author of the new poetry book, Family System. Family System was winner of the 2012 Colorado Poetry Prize. Their conversation is a fast-moving vehicle and we enjoyed passages like this one, right from the start: When BOMB asked me to interview Jack Christian about his book Family System, I [...] by

“Don’t be a codger or a stooge or a blowhard”: Mike Young On Starting a Press while in Graduate School August 2, 2012: Check out this LitBridge interview with Mike Young, Founder & Editor of Magic Helicopter Press. Here's a taste, in which Young talks about starting the press while getting his MFA, among other things: In your opinion, why should someone start to run a press while in an MFA program? Well, I had plans to start the press before I [...] by