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British Surrealism Is What Will Be July 28, 2014: PN Review has a straw-hatted Jeremy Over writing about On the Thirteenth Stroke of Midnight: Surrealist Poetry in Britain, edited by Michel Remy (Carcanet Press, 2013), “the first anthology to [...] by

Poetry Society of America Tributes Another Painter Among Poets: Trevor Winkfield May 19, 2014: To revel in the great fact of painter among poets Trevor Winkfield having two new publications among us, 1) How I Became a Painter (Pressed Wafer, 2014), a collection of interviews with Miles [...] by

Insane Podium & Eurythmic Rituals: A Crucial History of The Poetry Project and St. Mark’s Church June 5, 2012: Just up at The Poetry Project’s website is “Insane Podium,” a long-awaited history from poet and former Project labourer (2002-2006) Miles Champion. By no means an attempt at [...] by