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Recite April 16, 2013: I remember a thousand years ago when I was at Columbia I memorized the last forty or fifty lines of “Lycidas”—the part of the poem I had always wept over. Nowadays I am always willing to memorize that which makes me weep, but at the time it was a new thing. I was thirty. I recited it one time to a friend—tears in my eyes—both of [...] by

Thinking Verse: Denise Riley Reads Milton and Fashion Exerts a Pressure March 1, 2012: This is amazing: Denise Riley reads Milton. Also check out the other contents of Thinking Verse. The Henri Meschonnic essay, in particular: There have always been fashions. But this fashion exerts a pressure, the pressure of many accumulated academicisms. An atmospheric pressure: the air of the times. Opposed to this suffocation of [...] by

And how should I begin? October 14, 2009: In the beginning of Paradise Lost, Milton paints and points and dallies, filling eight lines with sorrow and hope and mountains and fruit, disobeying the strictures of English grammar in favor of the more contorted Latinate, including, even, an “or” in line seven that threatens to undermine his progress, such as it is, until, in the [...] by