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Here Comes Poetry Crush’s 3rd Annual Halloween Special Issue: 10 Dead Poets (I Would Fu*k) October 31, 2013: After reading this year's Poetry Crush run-down, you'll likely want to call SOMEBODY your boo. Mina Loy, for example. 3) Mina Loy by Todd Colby I don’t know that I’d actually like to have fucked Mina Loy, but I could see myself cuddling with her after we tried on one of her hats, and danced around the room to the Velvet Underground; [...] by

Issues 1 & 2 of The Blindman at Excursus Archive March 27, 2013: We don't have a good excuse for why it's taken us so long to learn about the Excursus Archive. True, much of this archival material is more art than poetry-related, but they've recently added issues 1 and 2 of The Blind Man, the magazine edited by Marcel Duchamp and Henri-Pierre Roché. The inaugural issue appeared on April 10, 1917 and [...] by

CA Conrad wants you to watch this witch dance and do these somatic poetry exercies June 29, 2010: CA Conrad offers this somatic poetry exercise, inspired by Mina Loy, Mary Wigman and Maria Raha. DAY ONE: As a preliminary, read the Loy quote aloud, then immediately watch Mary Wigman's 1914 dance HEXENTANZ on You Tube, and watch Wigman with the volume as LOUD as possible. Then read the first of the twelve sections you've created in [...] by