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Miranda Mellis + Robert Glück Rock-Out In The Believer June 20, 2013: Any treats inside the newest issue of The Believer? You bet! Scoop up the newest issue (number ninety-nine, to be exact) to read Miranda Mellis's brilliant and contemplative interview with poet, fiction writer, editor, and New Narrative theorist Robert Glück. As they say in The Believer: "Significant objects mentioned herein: a [...] by

At The Believer: Miranda Mellis on Protest, Aesthetics, and Silence February 10, 2012: We're keen on this brief talk with writer and co-editor of the astounding Encyclopedia Project, Miranda Mellis, over at The Believer's Tumblr. Mellis, as they mention, has two books coming out this year: a collection of stories, called None of This Is Real, and The Spokes, a novella. The conversation here, with editor Andrew Leland, follows [...] by