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The Believer Reveals Something We Did Not Already Know About Ezra Pound And Walt Whitman May 17, 2013: -the story of Sadakichi Hartmann, a bohemian artist who befriended both Walt Whitman and Ezra Pound! Who the heck is Sadakichi Hartmann? Well friends, The Believer's Michelle Legro has done the legwork here and if you thought you knew all the crazy anecdotes there are to know about the great and powerful poets Ezra Pound and Walt Whitman, [...] by

Popular Poetry Was “Modern Without Being Modernistic” January 22, 2013: Mike Chasar, author of Poetry and Popular Culture in Modern America (Columbia UP), writes on his  blog Poetry & Popular Culture that he may have discovered a hitherto unknown Modernist poetry magazine. For years, he writes, he has wanted to find "a modernist-era little magazine...that might help put the world of popular poetry on the [...] by

Elizabeth Bishop’s watercolors: “two brushstrokes each, but confidently cows” March 9, 2011: Writing for The New York Review of Books William Benton reviews Elizabeth Bishop's "other art:" her watercolors. In the 40 or so surviving examples of her paintings, Benton sees clearly the influence of other artists of the modernist era, like Alexander Calder, Kurt Schwitters and Joseph Cornell. Bishop identified with their work not by copying a [...] by