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NYC’s Museum of Modern Art to Host Writing Workshop with Tan Lin Beginning October 10! October 2, 2013: Five sessions! Starts October 10th! Who else leads writing workshops like Tan Lin? No one! That's right. It's going to be one of the best, neatest, and most refreshing experiences that has ever happened to you: scout's honor! From the folks at MoMa: Working with poet Tan Lin, examine poetry and its relations to technological platforms, [...] by

David Horvitz Would Like to Invite You to Breakfast July 16, 2013: Hungry? David Horvitz is the first artist commission on post, MOMA's new website that hosts notes about modern and contemporary art around the globe. He's curating a 24-hour breakfast on the site, beginning at the start of the news day on July 18th. Artist Breakfast is a 24-hour broadcasting event that follows the morning sun west as [...] by

Kenneth Goldsmith Named Poet Laureate of the Museum of Modern Art January 23, 2013: We're thrilled to see Kenneth Goldsmith assuming the poet laureateship of the Museum of Modern Art, the first ever! We learned about this from the Columbia University Press blog, who tells us: In connection with this, Goldsmith will be delivering a special lecture on March 13th. Goldsmith has also organized a series of guerilla readings in [...] by

Walking the political line in poetry and art at MoMA February 2, 2011: In conjunction with the exhibition On Line: Drawing through the 21st Century, MoMA will present a poetry reading tomorrow on the theme of one of the show's key threads: the line of politics. Artists throughout the last century have pushed line across the plane and into real space, thus questioning the relation between the art object and the [...] by