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What the Editors of N+1 are Reading March 19, 2014: Awful lot of writing by women here... good work gang! Keep it up! Just yesterday, at N+1-- I finished Janet Malcolm’s The Silent Woman—her biography of Sylvia Plath—four weeks ago, and it gave me the best kind of vertigo. Malcolm approaches her subject with an almost monastic devotion: as a researcher, she demonstrates the necessary [...] by

It’s All Good: Jacket Copy Put Your Name on the List February 24, 2014: In her book review at the Los Angeles Times, Carolyn Kellogg considers a new book published by renegade literary outlet, N+1, ruminating on the difference between living in New York and attending an MFA Creative Writing program. Well, we might see you there—fashionably late, of course. From Jacket Copy-- You're invited to a party. It's [...] by

Free Verse Was Doubly Forbidden: Kirill Medvedev Provokes on Behalf of ‘Pussy Riot’ October 1, 2013: Robert Baird of the New Yorker documents Kirill Medvedev's conflict with police at Pussy Riot's pre-trial hearing: One bright April day last year, the Russian poet Kirill Medvedev visited the Tagansky District Court, in Moscow. Inside the building, in a courtroom crowded with press, a pretrial hearing for the radical art-rock band Pussy [...] by

La Vie Bohème August 8, 2013: The Atlantic recently posted a brilliant critique (from Garance Franke-Ruta) of a recent n+1 article lamenting the perceived disappearance of income and prestige for artists in a modern, highly gentrified New York City. The n+1 article argues: We are witnessing and sometimes personally experiencing a sharp de-classing of [...] by

Read Excerpts from Kirill Medvedev’s It’s No Good December 28, 2012: So worth a read: Four poems at n+1 from It's No Good, a new book out from n+1 and Ugly Duckling Presse by contemporary Russian poet, translator, political activist and essayist Kirill Medvedev, edited by Keith Gessen, with various translators. An excerpt: just a little bit more about literature: I’ve always been really interested in [...] by

MFA vs. NYC vs. Everybody calm down November 30, 2010: Slate has excerpted Chad Harbach's n+1 essay on MFA programs and NYC literary culture to no small amount of hoopla. Like a good fight promoter, Harbach knows what will get his audience riled up (as evidenced in the comments.) The title comes out swinging, pitting the MFA crowd against NYC but instead of a fight to the death, Harbach is more [...] by