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A Poem For Everyone in Miami During the Month of April! November 27, 2013: Get Ready, Miami! P. Scott Cunningham's dream sounds as simple as haiku. Yet making it real has proven more complex than iambic pentameter. Here's his ambition, straight from his website: that "every person in Miami-Dade County find a poem during the month of April." To reach those 2.5 million souls secretly yearning for Yeats, [...] by

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! May 3, 2013: Harriet Staff would like to thank all the poets who made our National Poetry Month celebration an engaging, instructive, thoughtful, and fun month. So please put your hands together, dear readers, and applaud the wonderful writing that's taken place this month by Micah Ballard, Mary Jo Bang, Bill Berkson, Alan Davies, Timothy Donnelly, [...] by

National Poetry Month Extended Hours April 30, 2013: Around this time every year, we wrapped up National Poetry Month, say thank you to our bloggers for all the great work they've done, then get back to the news. Well, we've had such a remarkable late-month push by our dutiful bloggers that there was no way to contain all their writing in April. So Harriet will continue to post the remaining [...] by

The King’s Breakfast April 2, 2013:   In a phenomenon known as Delayed Auditory Feedback, if your speech is played back to you with a slight delay—between 9.2 and 192 milliseconds later—it becomes quite difficult for you to continue to speak. There are some technological jamming variables: it is harder to read than extemporize, and the jam doesn’t trip up nonsense, if [...] by

National Poetry Month Is Here Again! April 1, 2013: We're thrilled to kick off our celebration of National Poetry Month today. Effective immediately, we're suspending our news reporting to feature writing by these 20 poets: Micah Ballard Mary Jo Bang Bill Berkson Alan Davies Timothy Donnelly Cornelius Eady Camille Guthrie Jen Hofer Andrew Joron Anthony Madrid K. Silem Mohammad David [...] by

National Poetry Month ends with a BANG… then a whimper May 1, 2012: We've made it through another amazing April as National Poetry Month comes to a close. And we're astonished as we survey the remarkable, thoughtful, engaging writing that has taken place here over the past 30 days. We can't thank enough all of those who contributed to Harriet in April: Alan, Amber, Annie... Barbara, Bhanu, Camille, Cathy... Cedar, [...] by

National Poetry Month and May Day 2012 April 30, 2012: On Saturday, I was again in the 9th floor offices of Domestic Workers United talking about poetry, about the function of politics in the creative writing workshop, about the 99%, about artists’ rights to their creative work, about documentary film, about the use of juxtaposition in couplets and stanzas, & about “show flow” for our [...] by

May Day May 1, 2011: I was going to write a post this month on Alfred Temba Qabula, the great South African worker-poet whose Collected Writings I’ve been trying to get published here in the States for several years; I was going to tell people to read the Poetic Labor Project blog; I was going to say more on Tillie Olsen's "I Want You Women Up North To Know" [...] by

Put your spine into it for National Poetry Month March 22, 2011: On the blog of the Association for Library Services to Children, Travis Jonker has put out an unusual call for submissions for National Poetry Month: book spine poetry. Last year, inspired by artist Nina Katchadourian, I tried my hand at book spine poetry and came away convinced that this was just the sort of thing that kids would take to. I [...] by

“Poet,” the fashionable look for Spring 2011 March 17, 2011: (Photograph of Terrance Hayes by David Armstrong from the NYT style magazine) Could it really be? Or is it just that poetry (and poets) have become such curiosities in American culture that those outside of poetry circles don't know what else to do with them but put them on display (and put giant paper wigs on them)? In the past week [...] by