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Holland Cotter Reviews Emily Dickinson’s Gorgeous Nothings at New York Times December 6, 2013: Wow! a new book featuring Emily Dickinson's envelope poems, edited by Marta Wener and Jen Bervin and recently published by New Directions in collaboration with Christine Burgin, in collaboration with Steve Clay of Granary Books, has garnered a much coveted book review from NYT's art critic, Holland Cotter. Like many a Connecticut Valley [...] by

Jocelyn Spaar Translates Early Poems of Albert Cossery for Paris Review Daily December 5, 2013: "Revived at the fingers of a magician"! Where's our flageolet: Artist, poet and translator Jocelyn Spaar, pictured above, has brought to the Paris Review Daily fore three poems by the Egyptian-born, French novelist Albert Cossery. Never before translated into English, they are the only extant poems from his long-lost book, Les Morsures (“The [...] by

Announcing: The Emily Dickinson Archive October 24, 2013: As we mentioned in January of this year, 2013, "Amherst College [has] digitized and published all their manuscript holdings of poems, letters, and whatnot by the Belle of Amherst herself Emily Dickinson." Then we told you bout New Directions publishing The Gorgeous Nothings, a book of envelope facsimiles of Dickinson's work, the first of its [...] by

Now at New Directions: Introducing Muriel Rukeyser’s Elegies October 3, 2013: At the New Directions blog: the introduction to Muriel Rukeyser's Elegies, which ND has just reprinted! Originally published in 1949, the Elegies "were written over a seven-year period from the end of the Spanish Civil War, through World War II, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, to the start of the Cold War. Both an homage to Rilke’s Duino Elegies [...] by

New Directions to Publish First-Ever Book of Emily Dickinson Manuscript Facsimiles September 10, 2013: Gorgeous Nothings! Hardly. Good news spins forth from the New Directions blog--the press is publishing the first-ever, full-color, large-scale edition of Emily Dickinson's "complete envelope writings in facsimile from her visually stunning manuscripts." With contributions from Jen Bervin (you've hopefully spied her beautiful, intricate [...] by

Help Bernadette Mayer & Philip Good Find the Helens of Troy, MO August 12, 2013: New project to get behind: Philip Good plans to find all those named Helen in Troy, MO, after working with Bernadette Mayer on a similar project in Troy, NY--which eventually made it to book form in The Helens of Troy (New Directions 2013) ("An ambitious, playful look at identity, myth, and history"). The two plan to interview and photograph [...] by

New Book of Roberto Bolaño’s Poetry Imminent July 10, 2013: A collection of Roberto Bolaño's poetry, translated by Laura Healy, is *almost* available, courtesy of New Directions. The collection, clocking in at a hefty 835 pages, is titled The Unknown University and it contains all of Bolaño's poetic work. In this recent review by Dwight Garner, published in the NYTimes, Garner writes that the [...] by

How to Take Care of a Really Cool Book Jacket May 16, 2013: ...like those ones that are on books published by New Directions... Oh wait! Here's one! Our friends over at BOMBLOG, recently posted a fantastic conversation between Michael Barron (Poet and Associate Editor at New Directions ) and Elaine Lustig Cohen (Artist, Designer, and Partner/Collaborator of the late Alvin Lustig: legendary book jacket [...] by

New Work in The 65th Edition of Queneau’s Exercises in Style January 18, 2013: We fondly remember having to read poet and novelist Raymond Queneau's Exercices de Style (Exercises in Style) in high school French class. Even though we knew nothing about Oulipo at the time, we quickly learned the words for cou (neck), chapeau (hat) and pardessus (jacket). We're not the only ones with a fondness for this book. Chris [...] by

Looking at Anne Carson’s Nox and Antigonick February 7, 2012: In anticipation of Anne Carson's new book, Antigonick, New Directions' Tom Roberge rounds up excerpts of reviews of her last, Nox, writing: A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of booksellers — in groups of about eight at a time — about Anne Carson's forthcoming book, Antigonick. Of course I mentioned her [...] by