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The Noise, The Night April 18, 2014: On Monday night I stayed up until 3 a.m. waiting for a glimpse of the blood moon, a lunar eclipse where the moon shifts into earth’s shadow and flushes red with the light of the sun rising and setting in a circle all around our globe. So I’ve read. Just as the fated hour approached, a bunch of stupid clouds rolled in and I couldn’t see [...] by

Queens poet laureate focuses on technology June 29, 2010: Paolo Javier who was recently named poet laureate of the borough of Queens thinks the future of poetry is in technology. The New York Daily News reports. By fusing multimedia platforms like film and the Internet with words, Sunnyside resident Paolo Javier said, he hopes to make poetry more accessible to the borough's aspiring writers. by

The Cultural Workhorse October 6, 2009: Hello Harriet, glad to join the blog-o-sphere. Looking forward to spilling secrets and divinity on words-works-wonders, many thanks to Travis Nichols for inviting me to the party. That being said, my first posting starts on a sad note, but a life note all the same. Suzanne Fiol, the founder and artistic director of Issue Project Room, has died. [...] by