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Eileen Myles on Love at New York Magazine February 11, 2016: Eileen Myles contributes to a Valentine’s Day-themed New York Magazine issue with an essay on love in a time of boundaries, concerning which, Myles reminds us: “The whole boundary thing [...] by

At NY Mag: Eileen Myles, the Legend September 25, 2015: At New York Magazine, the headline says it all: “After 19 Books and a Presidential Bid, Eileen Myles Gets Her Due.” The piece, by Rachel Monroe, makes a point of the new things: [...] by

Eileen Myles on How to Be Alone in New York, for New York Mag August 3, 2015: At New York Magazine, Eileen Myles is one of the selected writers contributing to a feature called “How to Spend Time Alone” (specifically in New York City, naturally). Other points of [...] by

So Sweet and So Juicy: WCW Becomes Twitter Gen. Meme July 16, 2015: We aren’t sure how William Carlos Williams would feel about the Twitter generation, but, according to NY Mag’s Annie Lowrey—it sure likes him! Lowrey drops it like it’s hot, at [...] by

Poetry’s Use of Appropriation a Good Example of Foucault’s ‘Governmentality’ September 25, 2014: Cool essay at Covertext: “Foucault, Appropriation, and Conceptual Writing,” by Patrick Greaney (who you might recall as the translator of Heimrad Bäcker’s SEASCAPE), goes over [...] by

Your Handy Guide to Women Reviewing Men Reviewing Patricia Lockwood June 5, 2014: On May 28, The New York Times Magazine profiled Patricia Lockwood (as we mentioned). On May 29, The New Yorker had The New Republic’s Adam Plunkett write about Patricia Lockwood’s [...] by

On Living Through Fictional Characters: NYMAG Packs Up and Heads to Iowa with Girls March 28, 2014: It’s Friday so we’re talking television. This week, Hannah Horvath—the protagonist on the HBO series Girls—earned an acceptance to the famed Iowa Writers Workshop. At New York [...] by