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Ashbery: It Is Unlikely That I Will Become a Novelist May 8, 2015: The New York Times spends a moment with ever-sharp and witty John Ashbery to discuss what he’s reading at the moment and his perspective of his literary career. From NYT: The poet, whose latest [...] by

National Book Critics Circle Finalists Announced! January 20, 2015: The New York Times’ ArtsBeat reminds us that the National Book Critics Circle Awards are “one of the most prestigious American literary awards…judged by a panel of critics and book [...] by

Nicholas Kristof Solicits Poems About Race in America December 30, 2014: After discovering that “we need soul-searching about race in America,” Nicholas Kristof asked readers of The New York Times to submit poems about race, writing that “[p]oetry is a [...] by

‘Ave Maria': Frank O’Hara at the Movies December 11, 2014: According to Locus Solus, there’s a nice reference to the Frank O’Hara poem, “Ave Maria,” in A.O. Scott’s article about kissing at the movies. The article appears in [...] by

Ben Lerner & Joan of Arc at the Metropolitan Museum of Art August 25, 2014: Poet and now-novelist Ben Lerner meets The New York Times at the Met! Parul Sehgal talks to Lerner about his forthcoming novel, 10:04, to be published on Sept. 2 by Faber & Faber, in front of [...] by

Simone Fattal and Etel Adnan at New York Times July 21, 2014: Holland Cotter reviews “Here and Elsewhere,” a show of contemporary artwork from the Middle East, in The New York Times Arts Section. His review spends time thinking about and praising [...] by

New York Public Library Responds to Outcry, Abandons Renovation Plans May 8, 2014: The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal both confirm the rumors: The New York Public Library will abandon its controversial renovation plan. “Its decision came amid three lawsuits and [...] by

New York Times Poetry Profiles: Alice James Books March 27, 2014: In the latest installment of New York Times Poetry Profiles, Dana Jennings interviews Carey Salerno, executive director of Alice James Books. The press was founded in 1973 by seven poets who sought [...] by

It was the Not-Luck of the Irish: NYT’s St. Paddy’s Day Missed Connection Poems March 25, 2014: A few poetic documents of chance encounters from this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, brought to you by Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” and The New York Times. St. [...] by

The New York Times Breaks the 2013 VIDA Count News February 24, 2014: The New York Times announces the 2013 VIDA Count! And we’ll second that! VIDA writes: Luckily, we’re not stuck with the singular reading experiences set forth by publishing 80% men, and while [...] by