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My Education: The NY/SF Poetry Scene in the Aughts April 1, 2014: I miss New York and the poets there and I’ve dreamed (had actual dreams) about stroking through the double doors of the St. Mark’s Poetry Project to silent-movie applause—applause and davening, for Chrissake, as I dash up the aisle to the podium, bobbing in a Salton Sea of undivided attention, and the flaring tips of my Italian sports [...] by

Poets & Writers Spotlights PDF Publishers: New Heave-Ho, H_NGM_N, Duration Press, and Publishing Genius October 21, 2013: The current issue of Poets & Writers spotlights Noel Black, Anna Moschovakis, Nate Pritts, and Adam Robinson's efforts to make poetry more accessible to everyone online, via PDF publishing techniques. This past summer Noel Black founded his new press, the New Heave-Ho, with a goal of publishing PDF-only poetry collections, available [...] by

All Aboard with The New Heave-Ho July 8, 2013: In related news of supreme excellency: Noel Black, author of Uselysses (UDP, 2011) and La Goon (TNHH, 2013), is launching a .PDF press called The New Heave-Ho. In his preface to the new press's manifesto, Black writes: I wrote this manifesto in April 2013 after asking Ugly Duckling Presse if they would allow me to publish the .PDF [...] by

Eileen Myles Talks to Noel Black About Shaping a Heap of Women May 7, 2013: Noel Black interviews Eileen Myles at The Brooklyn Rail--immediately striking a worthwhile point, invoking Myles's 2011 essay on poetry and gender, "Being Female," and the fact of I'll Drown My Book: Rail: ...I can’t help but think how much more interesting it would’ve been at this point in history if I’ll Drown My Book had come [...] by

“Black declares, in an almost off-handed way, that poetry can’t do anything important”: A Review of Noel Black’s Uselysses August 29, 2012: Josh Cook wrote this Rumpus review of Noel Black's Uselysses. A taste: In poem after poem, in the first three books of Uselysses, Black declares, in an almost off-handed way, that poetry can’t do anything important. He is demonstrating self-conscious awareness of the limitations of the written word, or catering to some requirement [...] by

Now in Color: UDP Puts Noel Black’s Sold-Out Moby K. Dick Online February 20, 2012: Very cool: As part of the pre-sale for Noel Black's new book, Uselysses (you read that right), Ugly Duckling Presse also made a special edition of Black's chapbook, Moby K. Dick (sensing a pattern here); and now they've gone and made it digital. It's a beaut, with poems using lexicon from novels and full-color collages both—right off, you'll [...] by