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Adrien Brody, Charles Bukowski and Biggie Smalls walk into Lincoln Center… May 5, 2011: On April 27th, the Academy of American Poets hosted their annual gala "celebrating the role of contemporary poetry in American culture." On hand for the occasion was actor Adrien Brody who performed readings from two poets on opposing sides of East Coast-West Coast rivalry: Charles Bukowski and Biggie Smalls. by

Re-gifting rejection with Tim Wu and Notorious B.I.G. December 20, 2010: Tim Wu settles the great rap vs. poetry battle of 2010 over at The Paris Review (and none to soon, because no one wants this spilling over into 2011). Answering readers' questions in an advice column, Wu takes on the complex terrain of whether to tell a student that his collection of poetry is awful and risk discouraging him from further pursuits. [...] by