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NPR Sees the 2016 Poetry Light January 4, 2016: At NPR, a preview of the poetry books to come in this year of 2016, one of dark times: “These are dark times; our feeds are filled with news of shootings as well as the hateful speech that [...] by

Your Favorite Listicle Is Back: NPR Brings ‘5 Best-Selling Female Writers You May Not Have Heard Of’ November 4, 2015: We want more! Of course, the NPR list includes, poet: Frances Ellen Watkins Harper. (And continues, after the list, to suggest the reasons why a writer might have been popular in the nineteenth [...] by

Good News: Eileen Myles Is in the Spotlight at NPR October 26, 2015: NPR’s Craig Morgan Teicher reviews two Eileen Myles publications that hit bookshelves recently: a re-issue of Myles’s 1994 classic, Chelsea Girls, and a new and selected of Myles’s [...] by

NPR Visits Anna Akhmatova’s St. Petersburg Apartment October 13, 2015: At “Weekend Edition Sunday,” Corey Flintoff visits the St. Petersburg apartment where Anna Akhmatova resided for 30 years. Interest in the Russian writer has surged, partially as a result [...] by

NPR Asks, ‘What’s the Deal with Book Blurbs?’ September 28, 2015: Yeah, yeah… your favorite authors all have ‘em, but why are they so important? Colin Dwyer considers the literary genre’s value at NPR: Whatever the old adage might warn, there is a [...] by

Author Incomes Have Declined 30% Since 2009 September 23, 2015: Holy Moley! In the midst of the announcements for the U.K. Man Booker Prize short list and the U.S. National Book Award long list, a survey from the Authors Guild reveals that author’s incomes [...] by

Poetry Is a Call to Action: Juan Felipe Herrera Visits NPR in Washington September 16, 2015: If you tuned in to NPR’s “Morning Edition” yesterday, you might have heard a sound bite from the next United States poet laureate: Juan Felipe Herrera. If you missed it, [...] by

Carl Phillips Discusses Risk and Restraint with NPR September 1, 2015: In an interview with NPR’s Arun Roth, Carl Phillips considers the value of restraint and the possible outcomes of risk while promoting his newest book: Reconaissance. Highlights from their [...] by

Richard Blanco Reads at U.S. Embassy in Cuba August 14, 2015: Richard Blanco is no stranger to poetry assignments, having already penned “One Today” for president Obama’s second inauguration. Now he’s back with a new assignment: to write [...] by

NPR Reads James Tate July 13, 2015: NPR’s “Book Reviews” revisits the prolific American poet, James Tate, who passed away just last week at the age of 71. Tate’s 17th full-length collection of poetry, Dome of [...] by