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The Extreme Emotional Territory of Kevin Young’s Book of Hours March 12, 2014: Craig Morgan Teicher reviews Kevin Young's new book, Book of Hours (Random House 2014), for NPR. (Disclaim! Find an excerpt here.) "In a kind of poetic daybook or diary, Young tracks his unfolding emotions in the aftermath of his father's death, and, in a separate set of sequences, narrates his growing anticipation in the months leading up to, [...] by

Kevin Young on Fresh Air March 6, 2014: His recent visit coincided with the publication of his newest book of poems, Book of Hours. In Book of Hours, Kevin Young reacts to his son's birth and his father's death. Listen to Young's conversation with Fresh Air's Terry Gross at NPR. We'll excerpt a few interview highlights here. Look forward to listening! On his poem "Charity," [...] by

Marilyn Nelson’s Journey to Poetry February 10, 2014: NPR's All Things Considered this weekend visited and spoke to poet, Marilyn Nelson, about her quest to poetry at a very early age. To listen to their conversation in its entirety, visit NPR—some great highlights from their interview, posted below. On choosing to write 50 poems in sonnet form These are sonnets, except that they don't [...] by

Brenda Hillman and Robert Hass Rock Michael Krasny’s Forum January 30, 2014: If you missed it yesterday morning, poets and partners Brenda Hillman and Robert Hass made an excellent appearance on KQED's morning talk show, Forum, hosted by Michael Krasny. Topics of discussion included ecopoetics anthologies, teaching poetry to newcomers, their backgrounds and their relationship. Hillman and Hass also spoke about their [...] by

‘You Have to be a Poet to Write a Good Children’s Book:’ Cynthia Rylant at NPR November 11, 2013: NPR's All Things Considered spent time this weekend with children's book writer (and poet) Cynthia Rylant, to talk about her connection to poetry and her own childhood. To listen to her interview, click here. Cynthia Rylant is a renowned author who has written for all age groups and been honored with both Caldecott and Newbery prizes for [...] by

Forward Prize Awarded to Michael Symmons Roberts October 2, 2013: NPR and The Guardian both report that "champion of spirit and self" Michael Symmons Roberts has won this year's UK Forward Prize for best book of poetry, worth £10,000 (about $16,000), for his collection Drysalter (Jonathan Cape, a Vintage imprint). The book comprises 150 "metaphysical" poems, each with 15 lines. The win comes after a bit of [...] by

The Seductive and Alluring Shahnameh August 26, 2013: Over at NPR, Jacki Lyden is helping to introduce a new generation of readers to the remarkable and amazing Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings. Hamid Rahmanian, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker and graphic artist, is spearheading the effort to bring this new edition into print. Some background on this epic: A thousand years ago, a [...] by

E.O. Wilson on the Perfect Scientist (Surprise!) June 25, 2013: You've heard the 'ol "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" but have you heard "think like a poet, work like a bookkeeper?" That's called Optimum Brightness and as famed Harvard University Science Professor E.O. Wilson says in the latest Science Friday interview, "I present it as, just a conjecture." He elaborates: The ideal [...] by

Ron Padgett’s Collected Makes NPR 2013 Poetry Preview January 31, 2013: It's thrilling enough that in 2013 Coffee House Press will publish all glorious 800 pages of The Collected Poems of Ron Padgett, but were doubly pleased that Craig Morgan Teicher of NPR shares our excitement. In his 2013 Poetry Preview, Teicher lists Ron Padgett's forthcoming Collected as one eight new poetry books we won't want to [...] by

The emotional hang-ups of Google’s poetry translation software January 17, 2011: Google researcher Dmitriy Genzel talks to NPR's All Things Considered about the advancements in training artificial intelligence to recognize, translate, and maintain the characteristics of poetry. Last week, IBM pitted its computer Watson-- programmed to understand human speech-- against Jeopardy! champions and carried the day (or at least the [...] by