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The New Yorker on Manhattan’s Spineless Real Estate Debacle: Venues for Indie Booksellers Shift to the Outer Boroughs March 28, 2014: In response to a recent New York Times article lamenting the dwindling booksellers in Manhattan—which we linked to yesterday—the New Yorker's Rebecca Mead weighs in on the state of things for bookworms in Manhattan and beyond. Thank goodness, then, for cattle class: the outer boroughs. As Emily Gould, the outer-borough novelist, [...] by

Is Bob Dylan a Poet? December 18, 2013: ... or is he a musician? Dana Stevens and Francine Prose weigh in, at New York Times's "Bookends." Each week in Bookends, two writers take on pressing and provocative questions about the world of books. This week, Dana Stevens and Francine Prose discuss whether Bob Dylan’s lyrics make him more poet than musician. By Dana Stevens [...] by

Behind the Scenes: New York Times ‘ArtsBeat’ Visits Tupelo Press December 13, 2013: Tupelo Press is in the spotlight at New York Times "ArtsBeat," where Tupelo's Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey Levine responded to questions from the Times, in collaboration with Marie Gauthier, Tupelo's Director of Sales and Marketing. Wish List I: What book in the last five years do you wish you had published? Cynthia Huntington’s [...] by

You’re Not The Only One: Sherman Alexie Tells NYT He Would Like to go on a First Date with Dorothy Parker, ‘Get Verbally Eviscerated’ November 8, 2013: Thanks, NYT, for getting the scoop on one of our favorite poets and fiction writers, Sherman Alexie. We love hearing what poets read, where they read, and who they have a crush on! Read on: Describe your ideal reading experience (when, where, what, how). I am a very promiscuous reader. Anytime, anywhere. But my favorite place to read [...] by

Holy Smokes, it’s Dorothea Lasky! October 28, 2013: Yep, that's right: we flashed the signal. This time, here she is at The Learning Network: Teaching and Writing with the New York Times's "Poetry Pairing" column, with her poem "Monsters:" just in time for Halloween! Read it (as well as a piece by Dan Barry about searching for the New Jersey Devil) at NYT's Learning Network. With Halloween [...] by

NYTimes’s ArtsBeat Blog Profiles Copper Canyon Press October 25, 2013: We strongly recommend Dana Jennings's fantastic and informative interview with Copper Canyon Press's Executive Editor, Michael Wiegers, on the New York Times's ArtsBeat blog! It's a great glimpse into the inner-workings of one mighty small press publisher, tucked away in the woods of Port Townshend, WA. Small presses are the lifeblood of [...] by